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Three web pages
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Read Chapter one from the book Practical Work on Self.

Read Chapter one from the book The Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus.

Work on Self
A treatise.

Science Fiction Hour Presents
"Gene and the Djinns".

An Evening At The Pics
What could possibly be the relationship between An Evening At The Pics and Death? Find out, if you dare.

The School of Reductionism
If you find the art on these pages interesting, you may wish to visit here.

The Fine Art of Dying

People are dying to read this.

Since the dawn of recorded civilization, the paradigm for the Great Work has always been in flux. Since the change from nomadic life to the settled life of the city state in Mesopotamia caused the cultural changes in wealth accumulation, family relationships and ego, the teaching has had to be codified in some way. At first using art, sculpture, frescos, jewelry making and pottery in Sumeria as well as on the great walls of Babylonia, but later written down on parchment, much later in books.

Even the Egyptians had their Book of the Dead, which however came to be grossly interpreted as an afterlife with a human type body that would need food, money, clothes, servants etc.

The Greeks kept this alive with the Mount Olympus tradition and Female Oracles, but by the time of the Romans it all goes pretty much underground. One “paid” allegiance (in coin) to the Roman gods, gorged and visited the vomitorium, and conducted orgies to the heart’s content. Rome is the final victory of Ego.

The Sufi paradigm adopted the Koran and Islam using the techniques that Mohammed had indicated.

The alchemical paradigm in Christian Europe sought to hide the Great Work behind the terminology of wealth creation.

In the 20th century many with the teaching come to the Western world, where a mystical paradigm is not indicated so we have the Gurdjieff tradition which although genuinely mystical (whatever that word means) is hidden in the Objetively scientific which only a western 20th century mind could appreciate, which is one of the reasons one finds those who profess this paradigm in the 21st century to be intellectually heavy-weighted.

The 21st century paradigm is so well hidden, only those with genuine work magnets can find it, and it has been made so on purpose.

If you are interested in the Great Work, please check out this link:


It will certainly not say, “Here is the great work, my friend”. You can sniff around and if the smell is agreeable you can look for a way to involve yourself. They do not wear saffron robes or tunics, but they are practicing in the same way as medieval alchets, Sufis of the middle ages and Druids in Roman Europe.

Good luck with your search.



EuroConvention 2002

In Search of the Ordinary:

Fragments of a known Teaching.

March 15, 16 and 17th in Madrid, Spain

Details here:

EuroConvention 2001: "Inner Work"

It's here now. Available if you need it. Please take the time to browse the letter informing those who inquired about the goals, aims and details of this unique event.

March 16 - 19

Barcelona, Spain

On-Line Interview with E.J. Gold

What is it that distinguishes a real master or a real Work opportunity?

August 2000
Five Hour On-line Workshop May 2000
May 13th has been set as date for a five hour on-line workshop. Click on the above link for the details as they were expressed in an open letter to all our friends.

EuroCon 2000

February 2000
The first ever EuroConvention billed as "The Power of Attention" took place as scheduled on the Northern part of the island of Ibiza, Spain. The workshops were recorded on audio, video and still camera in order to communicate the flavour of this special event. On these pages you can find extracts and images of a work-weekend. 
EuroCon 2000: IDHHB Presents Workshops in Europe February 2000
The Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being (IDHHB) is holding its first European convention, with the participation of Patricia Elizabeth, Menlo Macfarlane, Scott Wellman, Lin Larsen, Lily Nova, David Christie, Matthias Schossig, Fabio Pellegrini and Eric Feingold, senior students of E.J. Gold who have studied with him during the past twenty years.

On-Line Course "Practical Work on Self"

This Winter
The aim of this course is to collect your own pragmatic experiential data about your own machine, giving you the opportunity to work in group. If you wish to take part in this 48 week course, please write an e-mail to essences@perfumerie.com to receive more information.Get a taste of what this can be like by reading the first chapter of the book Practical Work on Self by E.J. Gold here.

Mailing List

There is a mailing list in which folks discuss topics related to voluntary evolution, the fourth way, the Gurdjieff work, etc. So if you have a question that is burning a hole in either your mental or emotional center, surf to this page, or send an e-mail and sign up here, and let go of it.

Realtime Chat

There is a realtime chat space that takes place every Sunday at 0930 PDT (1230 EDT, 1730 GMT). The goal is the creation of a chamber that can serve as a centre for the exchange of ideas, experiences and assistance related to practical work on self, fourth way topics and other related fields. This chamber is not reserved for anyone in particular, so that folks who are interested in sharing experiences, asking questions or simply listening, can show up. To participate you have to download the software, "The Palace", which can be downloaded from this webpage. Once the program is installed and configured, type the address "bardos.homeip.net" in the "Connect" window. This will take you to Cosmo Street, where the chats are held..

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