As the author of this webpage, it is my obligation to inform the reader that the following three web pages may cause infection. We are not talking about computer viruses. As you are astute enough to have come this far in your search, you are obviously aware that it is not possible to transmit a computer virus through the opening of a web page in your browser. 

Be that as it may, certain ideas themselves have within them the power to infect us. They may act like germs, which, once having invaded our bloodstream so to speak, even laying dormant for many years, can act as the source, of course under the proper circumstances of growth in an adequate medium, of  serious infection in ourselves, which may make us abandon at any given moment all that up until then we had thought worthwhile, valuable, worthy of serious pursuit and study, which may at the very same time, and as a natural reaction, be seriously prejudicial to the health and stability of our personalities, our egos or our personal identity as we may understand it at the moment.

Douglas-Truth, Restaurant at the End, 1998



These are the pages. I invite you to open and read them. Please be advised however, that you do so at your own risk:

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